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Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Venom Sculpture Timelapse - Venom Sculpture Series
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The 3rd sculpt in the Marvel series I'd planned to do. Originally, I was going to make Ebony Maw, but I realized the design structure of the face was very similar to Groot (from forehead to chin), and I felt it would be good to follow-up from the Groot sculpt with something a bit different. Luckily, I decided to create Venom, and without my knowledge (after having started sculpting), the trailer for the new Venom movie came out a couple days later.  I did have to adjust some parameters, but I shifted the design spec's to try to hit the movie version as the target for the end result of the sculpt. I hope I did ok!

The paint job, though I thought it would be very simple, turned out to be incredibly difficult. This was primarily due to the resin I used to seal the piece reacting with some of the primers and paints unexpectedly, and it left the surface mottled with imperfections that I did not want. However, after rethinking it, he looked less smooth, yes, but he had a more rugged appearance that looked more like an oil spill, which, if ya think about it, isn't such a bad thing! So I went ahead and finished the piece and posted it up for your viewing pleasure.


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