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About Nicholas J. Brown (LoreCraft)

Before beginning sculpts, Nicholas Brown has acquired degrees in Anthropology (BA from University of South Florida), Cognitive science (MA Cognition and Culture, Queens University Belfast), and an Msc in Neuroscience (University of Edinburgh). Born in the Boston area, raised in Florida, Nicholas moved to the UK to pursue studies in brain and behavioural sciences where he currently still resides.

Nicholas Started sculpting in April of 2017, and has since been featured on the BBC's "Art Show X", Esquire, The Daily Mail UK, Unilad, Caters News, George Takei Presents!, as well as many others. Nicholas was selected as one of the 18 artists from around the world to create an original work for HBO's #forthethrone campaign, to help promote season 8 of Game of Thrones. 

Lorecraft is a one man operation - all the sculpting, painting, mould making, casting, hair punching, tailoring, video editing, is done by Nicholas himself. Nicholas Brown sculpts in his free time from his studio apartment..  

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