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I get a lot of questions on YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitch, and so on. Below are just a few answers to some of the more common questions I'm asked.

Stefani Longshamp
"Do you do commisions?"

Absolutely.  If its within my skillset and and your budget, I am willing to attempt to make just about anything (within reason).  My skills are still developing, so there are limits to what I may be able to accomplish, but I will answer any questions, take feedback, and try to work with you. For further information, contact me via email here to discuss it. Serious interest only, please. 

"Are your Sculptures for sale?"

I am willing to sell everything I make, and I will definitely take offers on all my work.  However, I request that if you are interested, look into what lifesize, one of a kind, handsculpted artwork goes for. My suggestion would be to check out sites like Sideshow Collectables - they do very impressive work. However, their sculptures are resin copies, where they often make hundreds or even thousands of pulls (duplicate sculptures made from poured resin into a mould), selling each for between 800 to over 3000$ each.  Many of my sculpts are 1 of a kind, completely hand made, and my newer works are made in Platinum silicone, a more expensive and much more lifelike material, so please keep this in mind. I am often willing to work with buyers, so write me if you've interest and perhaps we can sort something out. 

"What Materials are you using?"

My earlier work I was using a nylon reinforced, water based, air drying clay called "NewClay", and Claydium (produced by the same company - one bulkier, one smoother for details).  It can work well for one of a kind sculptures, but takes some getting used to.  They are also more prone to damage, and being one of a kind, this can be scary to transport, and devastating if dropped.  

I have since moved on to using more advanced materials. My newer sculptures are initially sculpted in Chavant NSP, or Monsterclay, then moulded in silicone, and then cast in platinum silicone, before painting and hair punching. Platinum silicone is very fleshlike, stretchy, flexible, feels like real human skin, and highly resistant to damage. It's the industry standard in film, practical effects, and the medical profession for duplicating human tissues.  It's also lighter and easier/safer to transport.  Needless to say, I love the stuff and most if not all of my future sculpts will be in this medium. 

Other materials I may use depending on the situation are; polymer clays for quick prototyping (like fimo, premo, and sculpey), poly resins, glass, UV resins, jesomonite, fiberglass, cold cast metals, epoxies, acrylics, etc.  

Many of the tools and materials I use are available to purchase on my Amazon Influencer Storefront, which you can access here. Buying through there doesn't raise the price, but it does offer a small kickback to help support LoreCraft, so if you need to stock up, go for it through there!  

"How'd you learn to do this?"

I am self taught in sculpture, but my background is rather diverse.  Before getting an Msc in Neuroscience, and a BA in Anthropology, I used to enjoy building and restoring old classic american muscle cars. This gained me a lot of experience working with different materials (bodywork, fiberglass, epoxies, electrical wiring, etc). I also worked construction (electrical, masonry, labourer), and years before that I did play with clays as a kid (primarily oil clay). I taught anatomy and survey of human diseases briefly, and I did amateur bodybuilding for a short stint as well (fitness is something I take seriously). My medical background, fitness training, and anthropology education (craniometrics, etc) have definitely provided some positive 'crossover' preparation for what I am doing now with these sculpts.

"How/Why did you start doing this?"

I got started doing this as a means to express myself and creatively use my energy during a very dark period. I had little but the company of my thoughts, churning up the wreckage of memories. I went back to a simpler time; playing with clay as a kid, and put my energy back there as a means of rediscovering that part of myself I'd left behind, and harness that dark energy and use it to create.

It's a rather long-winded and circuitous answer, but essentially; I had no idea I could do this at all. I am self taught - everything you see me doing is really the first time I've ever done it. The Fiend; my first bust. Everything else that followed from that was the first attempt at it. I feel like I've been tremendously lucky to do as well as I have. That being said; professionals and amateurs alike should know, I am still new at this. I'm just as surprised as anyone else that I've created the pieces that I have up to this point.  

"I'm interested in taking part in some way. Anything I can do to help?"


First and foremost, I have a Patreon account. Even the smallest contribution can help keep the sculpts coming along. I'd love to get a real workshop and commit to this full time someday.

I also am now streaming on Twitch, so you can come watch me there as well. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you are given one free subscription to one streamer of your choice. If you subscribe to me over there, Amazon pays me monthly based on subscriptions. So if you've got a free one, hop over and subscribe on Twitch.

I also accept one time PayPal donations.

And of course, you could commission a sculpt, or commission a sculpture video at a lower fee. I also am available for tutorial assistance if I'm able to be of help. There are also T-shirts for sale of some of the various sculpts I've made so far available in the site shop. I have recently upgraded the SHOP to include an Amazon Affiliate store - so any supplies you buy from those links will earn LoreCraft a share of the sale. 


Lastly, SHARE. Share the videos wherever you think people would appreciate them. All links to Patreon, YouTube, my, Twitch, and so on are on the right sidebar.

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