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The Night King

Sculpting The Night King - Timelapse Sculpt and Airbrush- GoT
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My second "serious" sculpt, just before I got into making "Pennywise". This was a serious challenge, but one that stretched my limits beyond what I thought I was capable.  There was a "magic hour" from when I thought he looked "good" to where he transformed into a character that looked more real and satisfying than anything I had ever made before.  This is the character that convinced me I could and should keep doing this. The video drags on a while, as I was so obsessed with getting it just right that there's a few minutes of the timelapse where there doesn't appear to be much happening.  It was just me being methodical and meticulous, double checking everything.

The paintjob was the most difficult of them all up to that point - primarily because of the colour issues and getting the shading just right.  There are a multitude of photos of this character, with different actors, and different degrees of CGI augmentation that made it difficult to capture his likeness. However, I am extremely satisfied with the final outcome. The armour I also made myself, out of thick gauge aluminium and leather.  His medallion is a polymer clay, painted with various coats of crackled black, gold, grey, and white.


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