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The Demogorgon

Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Sculpting Stranger Things Demogorgon - Timelapse Sculpt and Airbrush Demo
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Teeth. So many Teeth.

Huge fan of this series, as it revisits a more innocent and fascinating time in cultural and technological development. Many of us feel a sense of nostalgia about the 80's, even people that didn't live through it. Synthwave/retrowave, 80's Night's being common at your local clubs, and an enormous re-emergence of interest in the era; the 80's are alive and well (much to my great satisfaction!). There are many more 80's themed character sculpts I hope to get to, so be watchful in the future!

The Demogorgon sculpt was an enormous undertaking that required a myriad of engineering solutions. Like Darkness, he/she has projecting elements that require either strength or flexibility to ensure it doesn't collapse under its own weight or break upon nudging. I am working with rigid materials only at this stage, so I opted to go for a reinforced structure, using aluminium mesh.  The teeth, I made every single one by hand. It took many hours to make, and attach. I sealed the entire piece in resin, to add further strength and prevent cracking. He's massive, but I managed to keep the weight reasonable. This piece would definitely require special shipping if sold.


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