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Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown

The Mad Titan, pinnacle of villainy in both Marvel comics and cinematic universes.
    Sculpting for audiences inspires quite a bit of consideration into what people may want to see, and with all the hype and anticipation around Avengers: Infinity War, I couldn't think of a better choice.  I'd planned to make this big purple Titan for many months, but great minds think alike, and a fellow sculptor on YouTube (Steven Richter) beat me to it.  

    This guy was a challenge, primarily because I was never quite satisfied with the character design.  Going with "comic book" or "cinema" versions was a tough choice... ultimately I veered toward the cinematic version as a primary model to work from.  However, I included elements from the comic version, such as skin tone and powered eyes that glow an "orange/red".

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