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Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Sculpting Raziel - Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain (UV Special) - Timelapse Sculpt and Airbrush Demo
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He is worthy.

A huge fan of the series, it was a personal decision to follow-up from Freddy Krueger with this sculpt. Many nostalgic gamers are baffled and dismayed that the series has not been continued. Still, so many are waiting (take notice, Crystal Dynamics and Square/Enix!).

Raziel is my first, and so far only, sculpt that utilized UV paints. I describe in the video the intent - the character, in the lore, can exist in two planes - the physical plane (reality), and the "spectral" plane.  When in spectral form, he glows while he travels through the spectral realm of souls. I attempted to capture that effect with the UV paints, and with his glow in the dark eyes.

Fans of the series have really responded well to the sculpt, to which I am greatly pleased. I am planning at some future date, when time allows, to do a version of Kain to complete the proper duo.


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