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Wun Wun the Giant - extra large silicone bust - Game of Thrones

Wun Wun the Giant - extra large silicone bust - Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones spoilers below:
    Wun Wun the Giant died heroically at the end of the Battle of the Bastards.  He was a favourite character of many fans, despite having limited screen time and very few lines.  Excellent design and implementation, but notoriously difficult and expensive to apply the prosthetic make-ups and animate into the footage in post production.  Played by actor Ian Whyte, the prosthetics were designed, sculpted, and applied by award winning BGFX studios down in London.  I thought I would challenge myself and attempt to faithfully recreate the character in the same high quality platinum silicone that they used.   Using reference photos from the production, I went to work - and the pictures and the timelapse video show the result.  
   This was a huge challenge, and one that I took very seriously.  His increased price is due to the complexity of the design, size (increased silicone materials cost), and usage of real human hair for all of his hair, as well as locally sourced rabbit pelts for his animal skin garb.   He was fully constructed by Nicholas in every detail as a means to demonstrate capability and to stretch out his skillset.

     Custom paint, hair colour, skin colour, and eye colour can be requested, though any deviations in this regard would deviate from his original and intended design (from the show).  

      Creating additional copies of Wun Wun is a massive undertaking, so any buyers would need to be patient, as Nicholas works alone and orders are first come, first serve.  Currently there is one already pre-made (the original), but any additionals are made to order.   

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