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Vecna lifesize silicone bust - Stranger Things

Vecna lifesize silicone bust - Stranger Things


Massive fan of the show, Nicholas decided to take on recreating the incredible design challenge of this character.  Hand sculpted, moulded, and cast in platinum FX silicone, it is air brush and hand painted with Smooth-On's silicone Psycho Paints, with  cast and hand painted resin eyes, and custom display base.  These take several days to cast and meticulously paint each one.  Due to the immense amount of work required to make just one of these, and Nicholas working alone, these will be limited to a maximum of 50, and each will have a certificate of authenticy, signed by Nicholas and numbered.   Please allow sufficient time for creation, as each one is made by hand and made to order, and it's first come first serve.   Expected wait time to be less than 3 weeks, but longer depending on order number - inquire for details.

This is an Unofficial fan art recreation of the Vecna character by Nicholas J. Brown.  Nicholas is not affiliated with Netflix or the Stranger Things properties (but would definitely like to be).

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