The Nun, Valak, from the Conjuring Universe - Lifesize Bust 1 of 1

The Nun, Valak, from the Conjuring Universe - Lifesize Bust 1 of 1


Valak, The Nun, from the Conjuring Universe.  Hand sculpted by Nicholas Brown in water based clay (her creation video garnered over a million views, which you can watch here).  For sale here is the original air dry clay version.  I do have a mould where I can cast additional copies in platinum silicone upon request for an increased fee.  

   This is by far the most unsettling sculpture I've created.  Guests seem deeply disturbed when they see her.  I talk on the phone in video chat, or they're just here visiting,  people are taken aback, often remarking how she seems alive and watching them.  Very unsettling.  She even bothers me...
   So yes! She's available, made to order on request.  

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions:
     Any and all purchasers; purchase is equivalent to an agreement between Nicholas Brown and purchaser that the sculpture is never duplicated through any means, including but not limited to: making a mould of the sculpture to cast copies, scanned with 3D equipment, or printed using 3D printers.  The work shall remain limited, and each sculpture will be given a signed certificate of authenticity from Nicholas Brown of LoreCraft to attest to the validity of the work.  Any resale of the sculpture should include this certificate, or new owner should assume it is not an original and counterfit.   

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