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Neytiri - Deluxe lifesize (human size) silicone bust - Limited

Neytiri - Deluxe lifesize (human size) silicone bust - Limited


 Sculpted first by hand in clay, then moulded and cast in platinum silicone, she is of human scale.   Cast in shore 10 platinum silicone, her hair is punched and braided, including leather ties.  Her jewellery is also hand made, from leather, real feathers,  and (optional) semi-precious stones.  Her eyes are a special custom design, pressure cast, and carefully created by Fourth Seal Studios, the industries leading eye fx artists.   She was an incredible effort to create.  
   The full process of her creation is available on my LoreCraft Youtube channel; you can view it here.

   Limited to a maximum of 50 - please be aware that if ordering, they are made to order and may take some additional time to construct, more so than other sculptures due to her complexity and immense time involved in every step of the process.  
Each comes with signed certificate of authenticity. 

Optional semi-precious stones are Jade, Peridot, Malachite, or whichever is suitable due to supply availability.


Nicholas J. Brown is not affiliated with the Avatar franchise, 20th Century Studios, or Disney.  This is designated as fan art, created by solo artist Nicholas J. Brown.   Questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me via email here at 


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