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Hellboy bust, lifesize, 1 of 1

Hellboy bust, lifesize, 1 of 1


This is another one of my earlier works, in air dry nylon reinforced clay, painted with acrylic vallejo airbrush paints, glued on hair, and actually functions as an incense holder - the base underneath the clothes is open, and there's a hollow that goes out through the mouth to give the impression that he's smoking that cigar (cigar is polymer clay packed with real tobacco).  The video of his creation has over 1.4 million views.  You are buying the sculpture shown in the timelapse video.
  Watch the Full video of his creation here:

    He is rather large, and quite heavy.  This would need to be shipped double boxed, with maximum insurance (up to 1k USD$) just to be safe and sure it arrives intact.
   There's only 1 of him, so do please consider giving him a nice home where he'll be looked after safely.

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