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Demiguise lifesize bust - One of One

Demiguise lifesize bust - One of One

£250.00 Regular Price
£237.50Sale Price

Completely hand crafted, cast in prosthetic grade platinum silicone for a flexible, life like skin, glass eyes, and hair punched by hand.  This is not a toy. 

   This is the only one of its kind - the mould was destroyed, so this is and will only be the only 1. 

Terms and conditions: Any and all purchasers; purchase is equivalent to an agreement between Nicholas Brown and purchaser that the sculpture is never duplicated through any means, including but not limited to: making a mould of the sculpture to cast copies, scanned with 3D equipment, or printed using 3D printers. The work shall remain limited, and each sculpture will be given a signed certificate of authenticity from Nicholas Brown of LoreCraft to attest to the validity of the work. Any resale of the sculpture should include this certificate, or new owner should assume it is not an original and counterfit.

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