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Clicker from "The Last of Us" game series

Clicker from "The Last of Us" game series


Sculpted in monsterclay, and cast in deadened platinum silicone, with UV reactive paints, hair punched human hair, and dental acrylic teeth.  This took quite a while to come together, but the result was, as someone stated on the timelapse video "Hideously fantastic!".  The creature is a re-imagined zombie concept, animated by a mutated Cordyceps fungus.  It brings a terrifyingly real element to the idea, as Cordyceps are a real fungus that do very much what they do in the show to insects in real life. 

    These are made to order, as a fan art recreation, and limited.  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered.

You can watch the timelapse video of its creation on the LoreCraft Youtube Channel here:

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