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Baby Jabba

Baby Jabba


 Sculpted by hand, cast in the same kind of special FX grade platinum silicone as the famed "Baby Yoda" aka "Grogu" master puppet of The Mandalorian.  It's a shore hardness 00 silicone, with additional silicone "deadener" for a super soft, life like feel.  Made with custom glass eyes, each one is airbrushed and hand painted with a special "Smooth-On" silicone paint system.  Tongue is detachable (recommended for diversity in display, i.e. display with or without tongue), unless requested to be non removable.  Baby Basket is optional.   Watch the full timelapse creation of this character on the LoreCraft Youtube Channel.

   Original character concept by Leonardo Viti,  Nicholas (LoreCraft) is making only a small number of these (special limited run), each one with a stamped and signed certificate of authenticity.   Lorecraft is not a company of multiple people; Nicholas works alone, so it's first come, first serve.   Each one will be hand made by Nicholas by himself, so do please give some time for him to complete the work after ordering.  Rush orders get priority and will be shipped within 3 working days.
   Custom paint jobs (colours, patterns) available on request (contact via email at this website) with additional fee.  

  Buyer agrees to never scan (3D scan or otherwise), mould, or attempt to physically copy this character or design without express permission from Nicholas Brown and Leonardo Viti.  If buyer resells or gives this sculpture as a gift, the recipient also must agree to these terms.

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