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Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Sculpting Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity War - Timelapse sculpt and airbrush
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The second of 3 Marvel sculpts I wanted to do in a series (the first being Thanos) for the release of the new Infinity War film.

Lots of fun! Reminded me of doing Dobby (very fresh, friendly, and mood lifting). His construction is primarily NewClay, and Claydium, with glass eyes, and Vallejo airbrush paints. Something I do try to do with my sculptures - if the goal is "make it real", then I say, "why not make it real?"  To that end, as I try to usually do, I use as 'real' components as possible.  For Groot, the twigs, plants, moss, are all real. I used a real mahogany wood stain, and even used high grade Japanese matcha green tea to give the illusion of nascent growth.

We are Groot!


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