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Freddy Krueger

Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Sculpting Freddy Krueger - timelapse sculpt and airbrush demo
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Always was and will forever be a huge fan of 80's cinema (hence my choice of sculpts, like the Demogorgon, etc). Freddy; simulataneously frightening and hilarious.  Remains my favourite villain of the 80's horror genre.  My only wish is that they inspire Robert Englund to come back for more (I mention this in the video). Released  just before Halloween 2017, he is my first intentional Halloween festive sculpt (i.e. hoping to keep up a tradition of sculpting at least one (if not more) Halloween suitable characters for the Halloween season).


Constructed of Air-drying, nylon reinforced clay, his paintjob was the first time I utilized water colour pencils for some of the effects. Unlike most of my other sculpts, thankfully I was able to use a costume sweater, rather than be forced to make my own.

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