The Eren Titan

Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown

Quickly became a fan of this Anime/Manga after it being suggested to me by one of the local fabric store employees where I was shopping for my Snoke bust.  
    Intense, grim; a "coming of age" style story with twists and a macabre sanguine coated shell.  Humanity is in a desperate situation, nearly extinct, at the hands of zombie'esque hungry man eating Titans.
    This sculpt, I kept it simple.  It is an anime, so it was lacking reference material for a "real" interpretation, so I kept it conservative.   I also perfected my "glowing eyes" via LED technique to prevent their shorting out prematurely.  He's muscular, large, imposing, and as many commentators have noted, "disturbing".  Must be that smile.

© by LoreCraft                               

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