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Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown
Sculpting DARKNESS - Sculpt and Airbrush timelapse Demo
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My most favourite of all childhood characters - The Lord of Darkness, played by Tim Curry in 1985's "Legend". This also marked the beginning of my "serious" sculpts, and my second ever completed lifesize bust (the first being "The Fiend"). Originally designed by Rob Bottin, this character is a superb example of real prosthetic practical effects work.

The horns were a problem that needed solving - I ended up making them by hand from fiberglass and epoxy resin, to keep them hard, but light weight. Inside his head is a steel wire cage, along with a "lock and key" mechanism I designed using slotted wood panelling and a water pipe wrench. This allowed for me to mount the horns into the head and prevent them from rotating forwards.

Glass eyes, rubber tongue, acrylic teeth. He definitely shows signs of being some of my earlier work, but he maintains a significant "presence". Less sophisticated than my later sculpts, he is still a "show stopper". Someday I will revisit this character and attempt to do an additional version using some of the skills and techniques I've acquired since his creation.


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