Want to help support the work?

There are several ways you can help support the work:

   Becoming a patron is the best way to help support the creation of future sculptures and videos.  LoreCraft is a 1 man operation, not a company of multiple individuals.  Even 1$ a month is enough to help keep the lights on.  Want more sculpture videos and a bigger selection of sculptures in the shop?  Become a patron today!

Don't want to get locked into a monthly donation?   That's ok!  Paypal direct donations are available if you just want to drop a few coins in the bucket.

You can support the work by commissioning a custom sculpture for Lorecraft to create for you.   Contact Nicholas directly through email for inquiries.  

You can request to be created one of sculptures from the pre-existing moulds Lorecraft has already created.  This is less expensive than a custom commission.  LoreCraft is always working to expand his selection of characters for you, so if there's something specific you'd like to see in the shop, you can inquire, and you can.....

Creating a brand new sculpture costs hundreds in supplies and dozens of hours of work.  If there's a character you'd really like to see made, but can't afford to cover the cost alone - you can contribute to one of the money pools and share the links to help get them fully funded.  If there's a character not on the list, you can inquire and we can get a new money pool created just for that character. 

Teespring is available for anyone that is interested in grabbing a LoreCraft themed T-shirt or mug.  There are also a few custom T's available, themed on some of LoreCrafts more popular sculpts.  There is the Pennywise "Creepy B*stard" shirt, and the Snoke "Half and Half" shirt, as well as others available on request.  

Subscribe on youtube and click the notification bell, watch, and share the videos.  This helps out tremendously, and it's totally free.  Every view helps shift the videos towards a more favourable position in the Youtube algorithm, which means YT will help expose the work to more viewers the more views it gets.

Instagram and Facebook are growing all the time, and they will likely outstrip Youtube as the number 1 video viewing platform in the future.  Facebook has finally started to open up monetization to smaller creators, so developing a presence there will help build another audience, and you can follow along with the work in status updates, photos, and stories as I work on new projects.

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