Xenomorph "Hicks Trophy" bust
  • Xenomorph "Hicks Trophy" bust

    Based off of the Alien Warrior Xenomorphs from the second film "Aliens", this bust was sculpted by hand the old traditional way, then moulded, and cast in FX grade platinum silicone.  Painted with Smooth-On silicone "Pscyho-Paints", with UV alien blood fx.  The teeth are cold cast aluminium.
      The silicone casting was done in several stages and types, to maximize realism.  For example, the skull is a tough shore 40 hardness silicone, but the lips, and back of the head (exposed anatomy) are a super soft and squishy shore 00 platinum silicone.  

    Each one is airbrushed and hand painted, each individually made by Nicholas, and each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.  Limited to 50 Necro brown (pictured) and 50 Warrior blue (not pictured - black and blue highlights).    These are made to order, so do allow time to create, package, and ship your bust.  

    You can watch the full creation process in timelapse on the LoreCraft Youtube channel, here.


    Height (base to top of sculpture) 38cm

    Length of skull: 35cm

    Max width of skull: 21cm


    Display base: 25x25cm

      The Artist, Nicholas J. Brown, is not affiliated with Disney.  This is an imagined recreation of the Alien Warrior, specifically the scene during the escape from the Alien hive, where Corporal Hicks shouts "Eat this!" prior to shotgun blasting the Xenomorph in the mouth with a shotgun.  It is designated fan art.