Unofficial lifesize Baby Yoda in platinum silicone, sculpted by Nicholas Brown

£1,350.00 Regular Price
£1,080.00Sale Price

 This is a limited run of the unofficial version of Baby Yoda, sculpted by Nicholas Brown of Lorecraft.  The original creation video of this sculpture is viewable on the LoreCraft Youtube channel, here
   This version differs from the video version, as it has been improved with upgraded eyes (glass and resin), claws, more thorough hair punching, and a specially tailored robe, made specifically for the little guy.


    Each one is cast in shore 10 platinum silicone, the same as the puppet from the show.  It is soft and flesh like, so this sculpture is moveable (not positionable in the sense it will hold a position, but is flexible - a wire armature can be included upon request for an additional fee to make it semi-positionable, but not fully, i.e. turnable head and partially positionable arms).

    They're all painted with Smooth-On Psycho Paints silicone based painting system (airbrushed and hand painted), and meticulously hair punched by hand.


  I work alone (I have a seamstress helping with the cloaks and hair punching), and these are for a very limited run.  I am capable of producing these at most a couple per week, so it's first come, first serve.   The plastic Sideshow Collectables version is due for earliest release in August - so I am capable of getting you one of mine much more quickly (most will be sent out within 30 days or less), if that helps sweeten the deal for anyone wanting theirs much more quickly.


  Lastly, these are meant to be displayed with the cloak on, not nude (I am uncertain why I need to establish this, but some people really have wanted naked ones...).  The back has patching from the mould, so the cloak is required for proper display.   He comes with a basic wooden stand.

  Lastly, I say to Disney, if they're out there monitoring the sale of unofficial merchandise - Give me a job!  I'd love to work on the new Willow series, or any practical effects heavy productions you've got going on.  I am incapable of mass producing these little guys here;  I'm just a solo dude working out of his kitchen in his 1 bedroom apartment.  There's a lot of talented people out there that are trying hard to bring creativity and life to the world through their art, and most people want characters they identify with and are popular.  That leaves many of us freelance independent people working hard, but often trying to dance on the fine line of the copyright issue.  Hire us on for projects, and give us competitions to enter for recognitiion and prizes for us, and let us work with charities.  Help us help you - you're a powerhouse, so I hope you fellas look on more opportunities to cooperate with independent artists rather than the opposite.  Cheers - Nicholas

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