Thrall from World of Warcraft - Mini Bust
  • Thrall from World of Warcraft - Mini Bust

    This a fully handmade, handsculpted, moulded, cast in platinum silicone, air brush painted, human hair punched, original sculpture of the character Thrall from World of Warcraft.    I used reference shots from the more recent WoW cinematic trailers where Thrall makes appearances.  There are some comparison shots above that show the likeness and reference images.

    Like all of my sculptures, is viewable in an edited timelapse video on my LoreCraft Youtube channel. You can watch this particular sculpture being created here:

    You are bidding on the sculpture seen in this video. Full platinum silicone, shore 10 hardness, painted with Smooth-On Psycho Paints silicone based painting system. Currently there is only 1 of these in existence, though I am capable of making additional ones if there was interest. For those that may not know, platinum silicone is the industry standard for special effects, prosthetics, and animatronics. Platsil busts can go from anywhere between 1500 to over 6000$ depending on size, detail, and complexity. This Thrall is a "mini" bust, meaning it's about half or a third lifesize. Still large and very expensive. There's a comparison shot at the end of the video showing the Wun Wun Giant sculpture next to him to give you scale (Wun Wun is larger than human size and about what Lifesize would be if Thrall were made to that scale).

    If you see any other sculptures on my YouTube channel video uploads that interest you, please don't hesitate to inquire as I may still have one around. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Shipping to the US with insurance and tracking typically costs around 100$. Domestic (UK) is between 25 and 50$, and EU is around 50$. If someone in the EU wants it, I can refund part of the international shipping fee to match.