Kreacher sculpture - Harry Potter - hyper real silicone bust
  • Kreacher sculpture - Harry Potter - hyper real silicone bust

    One of Nicholas' highest quality sculptures, in both detail and materials, Kreacher represents a move forward when he began using chavant clays and platinum silicone to cast.  It's one of the busts Nicholas creates that possesses a film quality standard. 

        The timelapse video of his creation is viewable here.  
      Kreacher is available in platinum silicone only.  Painted in silicone "Psycho Paints" from Smoothon, hair punched, with film quality acrylic eyes from Fourth Seal Studios.  This bust of Kreacher is in the "hyper real" category, as he looks and feels very much like a real person (albeit a small, very displeased looking real person with enormous ears).  


    © by LoreCraft

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