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Destroy All Humans "Crypto" sculpture

Destroy All Humans "Crypto" sculpture


 This is a one off sculpture of Cryptosporidium from the Destroy All Humans game series - there is only 1 of him in the grey with red eyes variant - I am not licensed to reproduce him, so the Grey one is all there is of this particular version.  The Flesh one there also exists only 1, but I am capable of possibly creating a very few additional ones of that variant upon request.  Otherwise, these are the only 2 available, and the Grey version will only be the only 1 of its kind.

   Both are cast in platinum FX grade shore 00 silicone, for ultimate lifelike feel and appearance.  The eyes are glass and the teeth are dental acrylic.   Grey Crypto has a custom 3D printed base with plaque.  Flesh Alien version has a wooden circular base stand. 

  You can watch the timelapse video of their creation here.