Batman Demon Bust

Batman Demon Bust

£300.00 Regular Price
£270.00Sale Price

Sculpted by Nicholas Brown, this Batman Demon is inspired by the Christopher Nolans 2005 "Batman Begins"; specifically the scene where Scarecrow is given a dose of his own hallucinogenic compound (scene here).  It is an attempt at recreating this particular version of the Batman, albeit with some additional LoreCraft reimaginings.  
     This is currently a 1 of 1, only 1 in existence, with no mould or copies made.  It is an air dry clay sculpt, so somewhat fragile and should be shipped with care (i.e. insurance).  

41 x 23 x 21 cm
  Sculpture can be mounted on a wooden base for an additional fee - Colour of wooden base can be selected as desired:
Mahogany, Black, Oak

  Any further questions or interest in custom work, send an email to Nicholas at

  Terms and conditions:
 Any and all purchasers; purchase is equivalent to an agreement between Nicholas Brown and purchaser that the sculpture is never duplicated through any means, including but not limited to: making a mould of the sculpture to cast copies, scanned with 3D equipment, or printed using 3D printers.  The work shall remain limited, and each sculpture will be given a signed certificate of authenticity from Nicholas Brown of LoreCraft to attest to the validity of the work.  Any resale of the sculpture should include this certificate, or new owner should assume it is not an original and counterfit.   

Custom Paint Job
Blood effect (mouth) - (shown is no blood effect)
Wooden Base
Wood Stain
  • Pre-order status

      LoreCraft is operated by one man.  Nicholas does all the sculpting, painting, and video editing by himself, so do please allow some time for the work to be completed and shipped.  He'll get the work done as quickly as possible.  All orders are dealt with on a first come, first serve basis.  

  • Shipping

      Shipping fees will be determined based on purchasers location, weight of final product, and preferred shipping method.

        Origin of shipments are from the UK, so UK residents and Europeans will likely pay the least (50$ or so).  Shipping to the US should hover between 50 and 100$, but these are just estimates.   Feel free to use the Royal Mail shipping calculator, here: 
        Once fee is determined, an invoice will be sent to the purchaser via Paypal.  

  • Returns

     Final photographs can be issued prior to shipping, but once agreed, all sales are final (i.e. no returns).  Recommend optional shipping insurance.


    If customer is dissatisfied during photographing process, 80% refund will be issued, with 20% being witheld to cover materials and production expenses.  

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