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Oddworld'S Abe

Sculpted by Nicholas J. Brown

Sculpting Oddworld's Abe - Timelapse - Soulstorm
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The Abe Project

This was a project in collaboration with Microids and Oddworld Inhabitants, of the character "Abe" from the Oddworld universe, created by Lorne Lanning.   I was a huge fan of the original games on PSone, Oddworld Abe's Exodus and Abe's Oddysee.  Began creating this character when I heard of the new game "Soulstorm" they were developing, and after managing to get in touch with them, they got on board the project, helping support the creation of the character. 
Was a huge privilege to be tasked with sculpting and bring this character life.

Abe Thumb 2_edited.jpg

Oddworld's Abe

Sculpted first in Monsterclay/Chavant mix, cast in platinum silicone, with Resin cast airbrushed eyes (moulds by Fourth Seal Studios), painted in silicone "Psycho Paints", with leather straps, and appropriate feathers for his "hair".

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